Georgi Nikolov

Software Engineer
Torstra├če 179 / 10115 Berlin / Germany

DXC Technology

studio work

For: Wonderland Industry

Offline Project

Technologies Used:

Three.js, GLSL





I was tasked with creating a big-screen interactive presentation for the opening of a new DXC business center in Germany, according to the artists' and clients art direction.

I used three.js to build a total of 12 slides (ie 3D scenes) in which to convey the message and spirit of DXC. A mixture of predefined models made in Cinema4D and generative geometry and animation were used for each scene.

In order to optimize and run WebGL on a big screen in 60FPS, I tried to use interleaved buffers and instancing as much as I could to save CPU-GPU bandwidth. I also lazily allocated new slides on clicking next, loading their models and animating them in as you progressed through the presentation and disposed old ones, instead of allocating everything at once.

As another optimisation step, I combined all postprocessing effects into a single step and implemented a custom QualityManager that downgrades the experience if the framerate starts dropping.

Scene #1 -> Scene #2

Scene #4 -> Scene #5