Georgi Nikolov

Software Engineer
Torstra├če 179 / 10115 Berlin / Germany

Tania Gleave

studio work

For: Wonderland Industry

Link currently unavailab;e

Technologies Used:

WebGL, Vue, Wordpress, WooCommerce


Development, Animation



I made the front-end and webgl effects for the website of Tania Gleave, a Canadian jewellery maker.

I built all the styling, interactions and transitions on the website, using Wordpress REST api for content.

I wrote a bunch of different vanilla WebGL modules for the special effects

See the Pen

webgl exercise by Georgi Nikoloff (@gbnikolov)

on CodePen.

Video masking I rendered circular shapes to a separate framebuffer and used the result's channels as a masking value in my main shader

Discarded WebGL slider

Shopping basket render

Discarded navigation animation